Floris Bremer

Floris Bremer is one of Amyra’s band members. The instrument he plays is the bass guitar.

Just like other Amyra musicians, Floris is a student at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede (The Netherlands). There he follows his education to become a graduated guitarist. Floris was born in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.

Picture of Amyra guitarist Floris Bremer
Floris during a photo shoot in Germany (posted by Floris Bremer).

Amyra history

Amyra as a band started in October 2017. But Floris only joined two years later. He was invited to replace Kyle, who left the band in October 2019.

Because Floris only joined the band recently, at this time there are no released Amyra songs on which we can hear him play.

Activities besides to Amyra

Besides his Amyra activities and studying, Floris is also busy with other musical projects.

He is a member of the metal and hard rock band Ilerion (also on Instagram). Ilerion can best be described as rough: they play rock-hard riffs with distorted vocals. This five-man formation has an energy we know from Rage Against The Machine, vocals like Slipknot and riffs derived from Dorje. Fun fact: Amyra band member Jorn Beld also is part of Ilerion.

Floris also writes and plays music for Pacific Music, a website that sells licenses to music. This way singers and rappers, for example, can get their music for a small investment.

Amyra band member Floris Bremer during a gig
Floris during a performance at the ArtEZ University of the Arts (posted by Floris Bremer).

News updates on Floris

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Other Amyra band members

Sigi Hagenaars
Sigi Hagenaars

(bass, background vocals)

Jorn Beld
Jorn Beld

(keys, backing vocals)

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Amyra is a Dutch alternative rock band, whose sound ranges from heavy and bombastic to gentle and intimate. Inspired by Paramore and Alter Bridge.



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